Samnivesh is an initiative taken to direct and guide investors in making smart investment choices. We would like to drive home the point to all investors that the capital markets have a plethora of Financial Products on offer because they fulfill different needs of the Investors. Yes, investments “are subject to market risk” like they have always been and “all scheme related documents must be read carefully” before making an investments. We agree to both these famous sayings. But both these sayings don’t equip the investor with the knowledge required to succeed in Investments.

We are here to throw light on different investment products, the investment processes and the important of choosing an advisor- one who is wise who guides you to make smart choices in the market. Be it mutual funds, debentures or bonds, all of them are easy to understand in terms of what they are theoretically. But one needs the wise voice of experience to guide you towards choosing the right product at the right time that is in turn compatible with the risk appetite of the investor.

If we speak of Mutual Funds alone there are over 11000 different schemes active in the markets across Debt and Equity categories. Within each i.e. Debt or Equity the schemes vary according to the mandate of investment. Is it the right time to choose a Multi-Cap Scheme or should I only choose a Large Cap Fund since the P/E of mid and small caps looks expensive? When choosing Debt Funds with the repo rate hovering close to 6.25% is it the right time to choose a Fund that plays on Duration or should I choose an Accrual Strategy Fund? These along with a myriad of similar questions come up in the minds of an investor when he approaches the market to make investments.

Then there are NCDs and Bonds that are available for the risk averse individuals? What exactly are these products? Why do people choose to invest in these as compared to Bank FDs and traditional Saving Schemes? Who’s better than a professional advisor to guide you through the Financial Markets.

Financial Planning is also another area that is of utmost importance. It’s a comprehensive practice that gives weightage to the current stage of life of the investor (whether married, single, middle age with child/children responsibility, retirement or at the stage of succession planning). A certified financial planner looks to guide you towards achieving your responsibilities in life such as higher education for the children or the marriage of the child and highlights ways in which you can achieve these goals through better Debt Management, smarter Tax Planning as well as choosing the investment products that can realize the goals that have been set.

Given below is the diagrammatic view of what Financial Planning entails:   

The stages of life where you require financial planning are quite different. Different planning is required for different stages in life. You could be in any one of the following stages of your life and would like to achieve your goals be it in the next 3 years, 5 years or 10 years. Moreover, the goals are also defined by the stage of your life. Smart Financial Planning can get you through all the following stages of life:

  • Just Started Working
  • Single But not married
  • Married but no children
  • Married with Children
  • Schooling of the child has started & Responsibilities at work have increased
  • Children closing in on Higher Education and Parents reaching an old age
  • Marriage of Children and Healthcare of Parents
  • Nearing Retirement Age

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Samnivesh is a web portal through which it seeks to connect to individuals and families that are looking to invest in the Indian Capital Markets. An initiative by Elite Wealth Advisors Limited is an effort to disburse knowledge regarding Financial Planning, Investments in different products and Insurance. Today, there are a plethora of products that are available for the retail investor to invest his hard earned money: Secured and Unsecured NCDs, Debt and Equity Mutual Funds, ULIPs, Taxable and Tax free Bonds just to name a few...Read More

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